Wednesday, September 12, 2012

118/365 cigarettes

I've got one in my hand as I write this.  It is my worst habit, but I enjoy it too much to give up, truthfully.
I started smoking when I was a teenager.  At about 16 in front of my mother, and 17 in front of my father.  I decided to expose my smoking to my dad at my sister's wedding.  I was on the dias, and lit up.  I remember my father coming up to me, being mad, but that's all I remember.  From then on I smoked in front of him.
When I run out of cigarettes I'm in quite a panic.  Sometimes there's not enough money to buy them, so I grub off Evie, and I end up doing that far too often.

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  1. We roll em ourselves here. Keep a bag and tubes on hand and with the right machine in a half hour you can have a carton.


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