Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Early morning wake up. I go to the store at dawn; sugar for my coffee, and a bagel for my stomach.

The world is already rushed at that time... people going to school and work... the subway steps streaming with people, and buses packing up. Heads down, cell phones abundant, as usual.

That intersection is a block away, and the block makes all the difference. The traffic here isn't light, but at least I don't have to listen to all those buses pulling in and out. I can hear and feel (even up here on the 6th floor) the train going by underground, but that's not disturbing to me at all.


  1. Such a splendid view and love the color of the sky!

  2. Truly beautiful and the purple wash tells it all!

  3. Too bad we can't/don't make buildings look like the sky.

  4. what's a subway? I thought that was some kind of sandwich company? Must be pretty busy if you feel them working 6 floors up.

  5. It is happy that I can watch the sky of wonderful New York from here.

    From the sky of the Far East.
    Thank you.

  6. a nice color on the sky this morning :)

  7. Lovely photo. I wonder how many of the cell phone people noticed the sky?

  8. barbara, this photo and neighborhook has its own beauty. do you like where you live? are you happy there?

    i start my day with coffee and a bagel or toast too. i love doing that.

    thanks for your comment just now on my blog. it was sweet and i much appreciated it.

    i've linked you so i'll be able to visit more readily. i'm glad.


  9. Thanks, kj. I'd rather be in the country than here, to tell you the truth!

  10. And my favorite bridge of all time in the background - hoorah!

  11. very beautiful hues in the morning sky just lovely :-) Thank you for visiting today.


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