Saturday, September 29, 2012

135/365 gardens

A garden filled with flowers and herbs, that's what I'd like.  Somewhere to dig in the soil, and make magic above the ground, and below it.  I once had this tiny patch of land next to an apartment I lived in, but didn't live there long enough to see anything come to fruition.
I remember Jim's small garden of vegetables.  We pulled weeds along the rows, and later I wrote poery about it.
Evie's garden with all the great flowers and stuff.  Brilliant tiger lilies, and Impatiens in all colors.
My friend Diane, in Massachusetts, had a beautiful little herb garden, growing fragrant.
A garden is as close to the earth as you can get, really.  employing all her riches, and what she has to offer.
Before I die, I hope I have a garden, and I hope I'm strong enough to tend it.
I've visited the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, not so long ago.  Too early for many blooming flowers, although there wee tulips and daffodils, and apple and cherry blossoms.

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