Friday, September 7, 2012

113/365 favorite cats

My Bud and Coffee were my best cats.  Bud, with his Buddha nature.  His original name was Stormy (the storm king), and he answered to that for a long time.  Then I started calling him my Buddy, or Bud, and so it went.  My friend Evie's cat was named Bud, too, and I like having both our cats with the same name.  As youi can see from the picture below, Bud had a beautiful and gentle face.  He welcomed new cats into the house, and with my Sky gir, he groomed her, because he didn't know how to groom herself.  Bud was missing one of his back legs, and limped when he walked, but when he ran, those 3 legs carried him swiftly.  He loved to play catch with my hair scrunchie tied into a knot.  He'd retrieve it and bring it back, time after time.  Sometimes he'd run so fast to get it, that his stump would open up and bleed.  But that was when he was very young.  Later the stump grew hard and sturdy.  He handled his disability with grace, and lived to be nearly 18 years old.  I miss my Bud.  I losyt him several years ago, back in 2006.
My Coffee was another wonderful cat.  I don't have any digital pics of her unfortunately.  She was beige and white, very beautiful and very large.  She would stick her head in my mocassin, and sleep.  She'd hold my hand with her paw.  She'd bring me tomato bugs from the garden, because she thought it was a good thing to do.

My Bud

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  1. Sweet cats. :) I just love their little faces. Nice memories.


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