Saturday, September 15, 2012

121/365 the boardwalk

When I talk about the boardwalk, it is mainly the one down in Coney Island, although I have walked many times on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ, a good place to feed the seagulls, as are most.
The board walk is warm wood beneath your feet.  When you get out of the water, some spots have faucets, where you can rinse off the sand, dry off, and put your shoes on.
You have to be on the boardwak to get to the entrance of the Wonder Wheel.  There are barkers calling their games, stuffed toys to be had.
There's the constant sound of the ocean crashing, and the fine odor of brine on the air.  What a good walk.
One the boardwalk in Jersey, me and mom check out casinos sometimes, or just walk/wheel along the way.  We always look for her favorite place that sells salt water taffy, and then we walk back to wherever we were staying.

Coney Island boardwalk.  The Parachute Jump in the background is now a landmark.

man exercising on the boardwalk


  1. mom went to NYC last week, at 86 and beginning the throes of ALZ...she enjoyed her hometown. Your post made me thing of something she always talks about...Playland/Beach. She has good memories of Playland!


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