Saturday, September 8, 2012

114/365 Central Park

As a teenager, I remember often taking the train down to 57th street in the city, just a block away from the entrance to the park.  Sometimes me and my friends would pick daisies along the way, and offer them to people sitting on the benches, who usually smiled and accepted.
A day in the park was nothing without a carousel ride and the one they have is just lovely.
Many times we'd go row boating.  I was a fairly good rower, having learned from my mother.
In the 80's I joined the No Nukes rally, where 800,000 gathered in Sheeps Meadow, to make a stand, and listen to some fine music.  I can only recall that Jackson Browne was there, at this point.
My sister and I visited Strawberry Fields together, when George Harrison had died.  There was a large crowd, and many people intent on showcasing themselves, rather than finding the reverence in the moment. My sister and I took solace on a park bench, and lit candles together.
I remember lying on my back, near the fountains, and watching the stars move.  The park is one of the better places to see the stars because there isn't as much light.


  1. I like the idea of just giving flowers to people in the makes you sound so endearing. I think if a child came up to me in the park and handed me a daisy, i would want to kidnap the kid and keep them forever. :) Kids are simply wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing your memoir about the park :)

  2. I was hoping you would write about Central Park.


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