Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a bad scene

This has been a hard month for me. My anxiety has been through the roof like never before; even so much as to feel like I'm having a heart attack. I even passed out the other night.

Seems I have fallen victim of a scam. I was trying to do the right thing, and it blew up in my face.

Several months ago I met a man online via Facebook whom I've been getting to know. I expressed to him my desire to get some kind of a part time job to supplement my social security disability benefits. He brought up the possibility of getting a job with his company, doing stuff like faxing and scanning, and generally clerical work that could be done from home. This sounded so great to me, as I have been out of work for several years due to my depression and anxiety, and working at home would be a godsend.

I received an employment application from the company, and quickly filled it out. Things were looking good. They wanted to establish direct deposit for paychecks, so I gave them my bank information. They said there would be a small withdrawal, and then a return of funds. Well, the withdrawal wasn't so small, and it was taken out in four increments, totally $1200 (the near total of my social security benefit for the month) before I even had time to notice it. I didn't even get to pay my rent or my utilities this month. The man I'm speaking with online claims not to know of what's happening or why, but I cannot trust him anymore either, I guess. I report this all to my bank, and they had to close the account due to it being compromised, and they are investigating the matter. I gave them my "friend's" email address, since it all started with him, and now he is no longer responding to my emails because I guess he is getting investigated, along with the company. Gave them whatever information I had on them. They say it could be months before it's resolved, if ever.

So, I have been sick all month, wondering how I'm going to survive.

There is some good news, though. A true online friend heard of my situation when I wrote about it on a forum I've frequented for a dozen years or so, and he came through for me, and sent me a thousand dollars. Have to pick it up from the post office today. This was totally unexpected, and I am incredibly thankful. There are some truly special people in the world.

This has taken a very heavy toll on me. I will have to pay my utilities which are in danger of getting shut off first, and then a partial payment for my rent. It boggles my brain how I will ever get even, but at least I'm am getting a good head start with my friend's help.


  1. I sympathize with the fate of you and I feel regret for not being able to help you.I pray that those who cheat you will be arrested and receive double punishment .. Be careful for the next time, hopefully you will be protected by god ..
    Take care..

  2. I am sorry you fell for this scam. When something is too good to be true and asking for your bank account, to me it is sending me red flags. This type of scam has been around for quite awhile. I do not understand how you fell for this, Barbara. I hope the bank will be able to recoup your funds and get after this person who took advantage of you. There has been a lot of publicity via emails, newspapers and even on Facebook to beware of these scams. {{{{hugs}}}

  3. I'm so sorry you had to deal with a con-artist. Sounds like you have a wonderful Guardian Angel watching over you. I hope things get better for you soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. Barbara, my goodness what a terrible story, but unfortunately common. In the past year, our checking account has been hacked twice! Once a small amount <100 dissapeared & the bank covered it / wrote it off...then only a couple weeks ago the bank called us to tell us someone in Texas was using our debit card for large purchases! We were mortified. The bank again, came through for us... but it was still so violating.

    Do hope your bank is as kind as ours to work with you through this terrible situation.

    Take care of yourself...till next time...

  5. I am SO sorry that this happened to you. Really awful. Lesson learned right? and how wonderful that someone is helping to make ends meet, oh my - what a blessing.

    Take care...I hope you are doing better

  6. it is hard when you can´t trust people. I´m so sorry.

  7. I'm late to read this and I hope this mess has cleared up. It says alot about you that someone's kindness would support you in the fallout of this unfortunate mess

    Lesson learned, and that is worth something worthwhile, yes? I Am always amazed when a person who seems okay turns out to be a scoundrel . It happens to all of us one time or another.

    Screw that guy from Facebook! At least he didn't ask you to help him into the country!

    Take care, Barbara xoxo

  8. Sad to read all this Barbara. My heart goes out to you. I am happy to read someone reached out to you with a caring heart. Being an online/offline marketer it frustrates me to no end to see people being taken advantage of. I hope this person that did this crime to you does their time.


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