Saturday, September 15, 2012

that ol' insomnia

The night grows too long to be awake. Four thirty in the morning, and I have not been to sleep yet. Been reading my own novel. Sometimes I like to do that. Played trivia online. Looked at my photographs. Read my own blog.

I hear people being a bit loud outside. No doubt drunk from a long friday night. I remember those days. Coming home and having your head spin every time you closed your eyes. Feeling like hell the next day. Then, maybe doing it all again on saturday night. Such were the times.

These friday and saturday nights are much like any other night, with not much to tell, really. Uneventful and ordinary. Don't mind it that way.

Another couple of hours till daybreak. I don't think I'll make it.

Another game or two online, and I'll be off to dreamland. Just wanted to drop in here.

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  1. I never count the continuation from daylight to night as insomnia, just one particularly peculiar long day.


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