Wednesday, October 31, 2012

170/365 Halloween

Happy Halloween to all.  I hope you have experienced ghosts and goblins and super heroes, and ballerinas all trick or treating at your door, and that you handed out sweets and goodies to all who came a knockin'.   Very quiet here in the apartment house.  Not a soul knocking on the door.  Best, since there were no treats to give.  I enjoyed Halloween as a kid.  Fondly remember such dress ups as a beatnik, a cat, a bum.  Fun stuff.  I saw one princess type while I went to the store before, but no more than that.  Things have changed.  Children don't go out without chaperones, and everybodies too busy.  Hopefully there were parties in homes, and good times still to be had by the young ones.

Logan as Woody, from Toy Story

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