Thursday, October 11, 2012

147/365 clocks

Standing under the clock in Grand Central Station, I waited for Steve every week.  A scene from an old black and white movie, where the characters always met under that clock.  I was in love.  It was part of our romance.  "Meet me under the clock." he'd say.  "I'll be there." I replied.
I no longer have an alarm clock wake me in the morning.  I rarely have something planned for the day, so why use it.  I do use it on weekends when me and Tree spend the day with Logan and Melissa.
When I was younger I aways wanted a grandfather clock. Wonder what the was about.
I've had clock that ticked when they pass the seconds. Really annoying.
I like clocks but I don't wear a watch anymore.
A clock can take forever to move when you're waiting for something or someone.  And races past when times are good.

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