Friday, October 5, 2012

freaky friday

Tery, at, Willow Creek Studio, says that "Every Friday we will get freaky, silly or goofy! You can simply share a freaky dessert, painting, photo or anything that is cool and fun. You can try the traditional Freaky Friday and walk in someone else's shoes; switch roles with your kids or significant other. Creative tip: If you are stuck with ideas simply use the seasons and holidays to spark up projects."

So here is my post for this friday.  A very old doodle. Done with colored pens.


  1. Way cool, Barbara and very fun!

  2. You truly make life awesome and cool. I love it, Barbara.

  3. This is very creative and does have a Native American feel to it ~ well done ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    thanks for stopping by and commenting ^_^

  4. freaky maybe...but I like it. :)


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