Friday, October 5, 2012

141/365 neighbors

I live in a big apartment house with tons of neighbors, but I barely interact with any of them.  There is some cordial chit chat with a few who live on my floor; usually while waiting for the elevator.  I don't know their names.
My best friend, and free-writing cohort, happens to be my neighbor, living just down the hall from me.
I remember living with Steve, on Senator Street, just a block away from Bliss Park, as we called it (really named Owl's Head Park).  We had real neighbors there.  Of course I cannot remember their names.  But they visited us and gave us hot peppers from their garden.  They were two gay guys, who made an unusual by harmonioius couple.  One being a little dramatice and emotional, then the other who was more staid and logical.  I enjoyed their company. 
I imagine it would be nice to live in a neighborhood where you got to know many neighbors, but I think you almost have to be a home owner for that.


  1. I like your comments very much.....

  2. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh No that homeowner thing isn't necessarily the path to wanting to know your neighbors either. The Fence around the front yard made for better neighbors for us. The only dfference between an apartment and a house on a lot is the neighbors think they can be loud as hell and not be heard in a house. I am here to tell you I can hear just about every nose blow, argument or "passionate moment" with my neighbors being 9' away.

  3. I could surely do without that kind of noise. Luckily my apartment is a very quiet place (except for the traffic).

  4. It is not always the case, being a renter. We have made some good friends being a renter.


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