Sunday, October 7, 2012

143/365 earliest childhood memories

I remember my father walking up the block, coming home from work -- two bags of bread in his right hand, white and rye -- and I would run to him, whereupon he'd put the bread in the other hand, bend down, and scoop me up.  This happened innumerable times.
I remember the sleigh ride down the hill in Sunset park, where I crashed headfirst into a broken bench and shazrds of ice, and went home hurt and with a bloodied face.
I remember tumble saulting at Taffy & Terry's, and nothing else.
My baby doll in the Christening outfit.
The neon Pontiac sign, an Indian head, across the steet from where we lived.
My parents, aunts, uncles and cousins outside of there on summer nights.  Cousin Joey riding me around in his red wagon.
Keeping an eye on either my cousin Ed or Carol, while my aunt Evelyn went upstair to get something.
One of my most vivid memories is a pipe dream -- I remember watching my mom and dad in a ballroom dancing contest on tv.  My mom wore a gold gown.  They won a vaccum  cleaner (that happened to be the one we owned.)


  1. How about this blast from the past, Barbara....


  2. An oldie but a goodie, Linda, thanks!

  3. Either I didn't remember or never knew that you went to Taffy and Terry's too. Maybe my mother got the idea from your mother but I got stuck going for 7 years! Do you have any idea whatever happened to them? I wish I knew their last name so I could search online for any hints. I did find an old newspaper article about them, long before we came into the picture. I remember giving Taffy one of the first Barbie dolls around that time, because she reminded me of her.

  4. Oops,sorry, Barbara. That last one was from me.......Linda


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