Friday, October 12, 2012

148/365 spaces

I have been in sacred spaces.  Inside the Medicine Wheel, so precisely built the the directions.  East South West and North.  There is a different feel inside there.  A calm, a slowing down.  I can say the same thing of walking into a church, I suppose, but I truly don't feel it as I do with the Wheel.  A space in nature.  That is where my church is.
My personal space is cluttered, and not at all what I know it can be.  I like simple digs, but light and airy, with lots of uncluttered space.
There's the space between colors, a sort of second sight image that I hold in my head.  That the name of Evie's website.  I think it's from a poem she wrote, oh so many years ago.
The space around a person, encompassing their aura.  Sometimes I can see flashes of these colors around a person, around their hands, or head.  It's a gift, I know, and one that I wish I could develop further.

a friend in the Medicine Wheel.  Tai Chi player in the background.

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