Saturday, October 20, 2012

159/365 secrets

People tell me secrets, and I keep them.  I am the keeper of quite a few secrets over the years, and some of them have burdened me -- of course I can't tell you which ones.
My own secrets are few, and for the most part I will tend to keep them to myself.  I know that secrets are a hard thing to keep, so I spare others from that.
Do you want to know a secret?  No, really, I don't.  Why are people so anxious to expose their secrets?  I wonder.  Does it lift them up from the burden of it?  I guess that is it, isn't it?
Sometimes you want to know someone else's secrets, though -- to get an idea of what makes them tick.  Perhaps it is an unusual insight into a person, but insight, nonetheless.


  1. In long life, everyone has many secrets, I think.
    It is not easy to expose the secret or to maintain the secret, either.
    I have not thought positively liking to know a partner's secret.
    By having exposed the secret, it made me still uneasy and I repent that it was better not to expose a secret.

  2. I never want to know another's secrets about themselves again. I don't want to know of past wrongs either done to or by another. Leave me be to judge for myself as I see them today.


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