Tuesday, October 9, 2012

145/365 church/religion

I am not a church goer.  I went as a child, and stopped going when I was about twelve.  The sermons were in Latin.  The frankincense and myrrh were too much for my nose and stomach.  I'd have giggle fits, sitting next to a friend.  We weren't reverent at all.
Today I will enter a church if someone is getting married in one.  Ash Wednesday, if I get around to it, and Palm Sunday, too.  I've gone in a church every now and again to light a candle for someone.
I pray to God.  I like the Native American's idea of the Great Spirit -- it resonates with me.
I have a spirituality that extends further than my Catholic upbringing, though I believe in Christ, and His resurrection.
I don't usually care what religion anybody is, as long as they're decent human beings.  I don't like Bible thumping people, or any fanatics of religion.  Get over yourselves already.
In this neighborhood there are a lot of Muslims, and I'm surprised there aren't more Mosques for them.

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  1. Barbara, you are a kind and generous soul and believe it or not I too was raised Catholic and left to pursue other paths. Religion just seems so outdated, including Wicca which I had some hope for. I can't watch TV and even the Internet is full of false teachings.God is within, and if you meditate on Him/Her or whatever gives you a feeling of peace, that is the best you can do in my humble opinion. Loved your thoughts and I do believe that at their core, all people just want to be valued as they should.
    Brightest blessings to you kind friend!


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