Monday, October 29, 2012

168/365 Tom Waits

I was introduced to Tom Waits by Evie, and have been a fan of his ever since.  I remember listening to San Diego Seranade while sitting under a San Diego moon.  His poetry is stark -- Step right up --  and lovely -- I do Walzting Matilda.  He throaty cigarette and whiskey voice goes right to the heart (of Saturday Night).
His movements onstge are like Gumby, bending and swooping and catching the air. Or just hunched up over the piano, singing a song.
"My tears are salt water, and the moon's big and high.  Well shiver me timbers, I'm a sailing away."  He fills up his songs with a wealth of words, so intricately connected, so ordinary yet revealing.  Makes you feel the blues deep down in your soul.  His words spill out like the sound of the trombone.

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  1. I too am happy that Waits made it through his youth to become a living legend. We lost to many form his era of beginning.


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