Saturday, October 6, 2012

142/365 cars

I remember tooling around in my little Chevette, back in the 80's.  It had a rusted out floor board on the driver's side, leaked oil (but ran on virtually none!), and turned on without the key in the ignition.  I loved that car.  It took me all over.  To Medicine Wheels up in White Lake, NY, to shamanic groups in the Hudson Valley.  It was my trusty companion on a camping trip alone upstate.  I was sad when she died altogether.
There were other cars after that, but I cannot recall what kind.  One little black one that I smashed up and went through the windshielf with my head.
My last car was a Chevy Lumina.  Nice and roomy, 4-door.  I had it while living here in Bay Ridge.  Where parkin is scarce, so I never took it out much.  Must've went on a few journies.  Ah yes, to a women's group in Pennsylvania with my co-worker, Ann.  That was a good weekend.
A car is always taking you some place.  It's a wonderful tool.

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