Saturday, October 13, 2012

149/365 groups

For the most part, I am not comfortable in groups of people.  I have been in some groups of my own making, though, that I've been at ease in, and really enjoyed.  Like the writing group that me and Steve ran when we lived down in Manhattan.  Or our shamanic group that met at our apartment every month.  Groups of five or six people.
I don't favor parties and have been to very few over my lifetime.  I had a Halloween party with Steve one year, got drunk, and walked out on it in a rabbit costume.  Not a Jessica Rabbit costume either, but a big bunny suit, like Harvey or something.  Anyway, I walked out, no doubt pre-menstrual, and unable to handle the pressure of assuring everyone had a good time.
There are groups at the mental health center I go to, but I don't frequent them at all.  Joined in a couple some years back, but never felt that good about them.  I have a hard enough time talking to my therapist one on one, nevermind talking in a group.

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  1. I am not comfortable with people either. Hence why I only have like two serious friends on a constant basis.


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