Monday, October 8, 2012

144/365 daydreams

I used to daydream, but I don't know if I allow myself to do much of that anymore.  A daydream, I think, is a sign of hope sometimes.  The conversation you want to have with someone you love, or your dream house.  Well, sometimes I think of my dream house.  A quaint little place with a garden, and a good amount of land.  Neighbors at a fair distance.  A place I could have my own sweat lodge, perhaps, and not be seen.  And a pool in the summer.
I daydream now about the next time I'll see Logan and what new things he's doing or saying.
I used to daydream about becoming a writer and writing a novel.  Now that I've done that my daydreams should go a little higher -- daydreaming about getting published and reaching a large audience.
I guess I do allow myself some daydreams after all.

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  1. I daydream all of the time... it's just a part of my life.


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