Saturday, May 12, 2012

a long ramble and some pics

It's 5 am. I've been up all night. Not a case of insomnia, but an intentional act.

I wrote some on my second novel (tentatively titled: Patria)... just a few pages, but it was a surprise to be doing it, because it is not something I am actively pursuing.

I wrote a longish piece "about me, and what I want in a man"... this may or may not be printed in this blog post, depending how I feel.

The sun rises in about one hour, and I am going to try and hold out on sleep, to see if I can get to the roof and take some sunrise photographs. It's supposed to be clear skies.

There are fog horns bellowing in the harbor. Always a welcome sound.

Must remember to change lenses....... from the 18-55, to the 55-200. See if I can zoom in on any particularly colorful sunrise clouds. It's always an iffy situation, whether there'll be a worthy shot on the "roll". I'm getting quite tired, and that doesn't bode well for my enthusiasm to do this.

For fun, this evening, I joined a free online dating service. I've never done such a thing, but it will be fun to see what, if any, responses I get. Actually I already got one, and it was sweet, and I wrote back to say hello. What led up to joining the service was the thing I started writing "about me, and what I want from a man"... But of course they don't really provide a space where writing such stuff is appropriate. (Actually, I ended putting in the section titled.summary of me.  Here it is, if you want to waste some more time reading. I don't considerate it a finished statement.


about me and what I want in a man

basics... that he be Caucasian, at least as tall as me (5'6"), preferably taller. whether he has hair or not is not a consideration, but I do enjoy a beard and mustache, and glasses are always a plus. He can be pleasantly plump, (like me?), though I prefer men of leaner proportions. Of course, with age comes a little spread on all of us, so that's to be expected... and speaking of age, he should be between 55 and 65 years old. Unmarried, whether it be widowed or divorced, or a confirmed bachelor, there shouldn't be a ring on his finger, and old ties should not be holding him back in any way. If he carries a lot of baggage, then he'll have to do it on his own. I've got my own stuff.

not so basic

I like a man of high intelligence, whether it be street smarts or book smarts (though this alone is nothing without a little street smarts). A man who has a lot to say, and likes to make me laugh. If I'm laughing it's a good sign.

A man who can make me laugh. Yes, I know I said this already, but it has to be reinstated. It is a strongly desirable quality. BUT, I don't want one of those men who thinks everything is funny when it's not. They are inappropriate laughers, and that irritates me.

I like spontaneous little gifts. Gifts tell me that he's been thinking about me. Flowers are always welcome, and chocolates once in a while. A bottle of Chanel No.5 goes a long way. The simplest things can show he cares.

Religion is not very important to me, but I despise the fervent religiosity that overcomes some people. If he goes to church or temple every week, that's his prerogative, but don't expect me to be joining you. I stopped going to church when I was about twelve years old. Once in a while I break my abstinence from church, when witnessing a wedding, or a baptism or something. I do like the pageantry of it all, and the way the alter is smudged generously with the frankincense and myrrh. In my heart I follow the teachings of Native American spirituality. If this were to be shared with a man, it would be truly magical, but it is not a quality I think is so easy to find. At any rate, it should be respected.

Someone who supports me in my writing, photography, and crafts, and who himself has hobbies and interests. The more we can learn from each other, and share, the better.

I enjoy sitting together at home, just talking or reading together, or watching television, or movies. Making dinner at home for ourselves.

I love to go on rides to the country, and seek out some lovely stream or waterfall, and go to the open fruit/vegetable markets on the side of the road. It is a chance for me to take a lot of pictures. Oh, a man shouldn't be surprised if I have the camera up to my eye half the time. And I'll be taking pictures of him, too, so he'll have to deal with it.

I think I still have it in me to go camping, but having some type of RV sure would be nice. But any way you look at it, I love to be in the country.

The man I want can be a little brusque at times, but basically he is a sweetheart by nature. Someone sensitive to my own sensitivity.

I want to explore things that are new to both of us, or things that are old to one of us, and new to the other. I want to have fun.


The sky is getting lighter, but the sun is not expected to rise for another half hour. I'm not too sure what's the best time to go to the roof... like how much before? I'll play it by ear. The birds are chirping, and I've finished my second cup of tea.

6:02 am

Well I got up there a little later than I meant to, having missed the "rising", but caught the "risen". So many contraptions up on the roof (for mobile phones and such?) that it's hard to get a straight on shot of the sun. Too much trouble climbing over the tinny encasements of wires and such.

The moon was still quite bright, as it won't be setting till sometime after noon.

In the other direction was the Verrazano Bridge, which I usually give a complimentary shot, despite the dullish sky.


  1. Lovely post and I hope you find the man of your dreams. I did a long time ago...I've been blessed. I believe in the law of attraction, so I do believe you will find him.
    I love your photos, as I do love them all.

  2. great shots. You have come a long way. :)

  3. Wonderful shots! I like your post in finding a man of your dreams. I like your openness of sharing and what is on your mind.

  4. AnonymousMay 13, 2012

    Barbara, I adore you!! Loved reading your about me.... it's really neat to read something like that from a fellow blogger. You are so honest & lovely. Oh & the Chanel No. 5.... I couldn't agree more.

    & what wonderful rooftop pictures ;-)


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