Saturday, May 19, 2012

4/365 trees and rooftops

Evie (the space between colors) and I have decided to do a free-write a day, thus my numbering them in the title of this post.  Counting railroads, flowers, and buildings as the first 3.  Instead of our usual 5 minutes, we've now progressed to 10.

Today's subjects ended up being a duo...  so...

on Trees and Rooftops

I can see the trees above the rooftops of my neighbors.
All strange people I don't know,
But I can smell their barbeques in the the summertime.

I have smelled the fragrance deep within the trees, of
sandelwood and cedar.  Deep mossy notes that fill
a man's cologne.

There beyond the rooftops, trees dwell,
emitting their own fragrance of oak and maple.
Birds dance upon their branches.
Songsters herald the summer days.

My eyes shift now to the rooftops themselves,

painted silvery while.  I remember sunbathing
on the roof, and doing yoga in the bright summer sun.

Round and round my mind goes back to wood and
rings of age. 
Such are the rings under my eyes.
What part of me is Wood?

Wood, the element... Chinese Medicine:
the Liver and Gallbladder, Spring, the Eastern dirction.
The sour taste.  The sound of yelling.
Wood "opens" to the eyes.

I still remember.


  1. I like your header :-)

  2. Hi there - what a nice set of words and pictures. Well done.

    You may find my 'word blog' - called Paying Ready Attention - of interest – it’s my attempt to mix words and pictures.

    Stewart M - Australia


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