Sunday, May 20, 2012

5/365 boxes

Today's ten minute free-write is on Boxes.  To see Evie's free-write, go to the space between colors.

Boxes come wrapped in bows and ribbons.
Boxes hold our bodies at the very end.
My mother's jewelry box played La Vie Rose, and
I opened that box a million times, just to listen to it.
I used to cover Altoid boxes with polymer clay, transforming
them into little treasure boxes for charms and fortunes and movie ticket stubs.
Children hop through hopscotch boxes on the sidewalk, in the 1960's--
these colored chalk playthings are not seen so much these days.
Origam boxes don't hold anything.  How very Zen of them.
Cigar boxes-- always one of my favorites, they can hold all sorts of things.
When I was a child I would collect little stones and acorns, and twigs,
from the park across the street.  I'd place them in a cigar box lined with
cotton (from a box), and covered with red velvet.  I thought they were cold,
and needed a warm home.

some of my clay covered boxes

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  1. AnonymousMay 20, 2012

    loving this 10 minute free write concept.

    when I was little I had cigar box full of shells & special rocks from the beach.... I loved that box. Thank-you for reminding me of it ;-)


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