Friday, May 25, 2012

9/365 doors/doorways

These free-writes tend to get quite tedious at times, and what pours out is less than entertaining, to say the least.  But I trudge on with it, having made the commitment.  Today's write is about Doors/doorways.

Can't get through my door, the key gets stuck.

Door are always leading nowhere in dreams.
I remember the doorway to my friend Jim's place in San Diego.
The wood framing, very simple.  The one step.
The Doors of Perception, of course.

Did I mention about not getting into my door so easily?

I have never stepped over the marital threshold.  That doorway
scared me too much.

Doorways open to new vistas -- why can't I see them?
Poor some sunlight on them.

When you open the door to a coffee shop, the fragrance should
seduce you right away, otherwise why bother?

The doorways to church are sacred -- it brings you over to another side,
once you cross it.

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