Sunday, May 27, 2012

in remembrance

My dad is buried in Calverton National Cemetary. He served in the Army, during WW2, in New Guinea and the Phillipines. I've barely visited his grave in the past 21 years... just twice, in fact. It is far from here, and I wouldn't go without my mother, who has the motorized wheelchair, which is impossible to take apart and put in a car. The one thing I would worry about, if he were not at Calverton, is how much disarray the tombstone is in. Is it over-strewn with twigs and dead leaves? Did someone knock the stone over? These things would bother me. But, I can rest assured that the grounds around my father's grave are beautifully groomed at all times.

Tomorrow, Memorial Day, there is a special ceremony on the grounds of the cemetary. Each and every tombstone has a small flag placed next to it. I imagine it must be very touching. Maybe next year me and my mom will get to see it somehow.

I wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day, and lets not forget the meaning of the day. Hope you wore your poppy proudly.
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  1. Hei vaan "Barbara"....
    Kovasti harvoin tulee vierailtua hienojen ja kauniiden kuviesi parissa...
    Olen melkoisen hidas 'maailman-matkaaja'.
    Kiitos vierailusta blogissani...

    Kuva-Sarjoja katselin mielenkiinnolla.
    Mainiota näkemystä ja kuvausta.

    'Melkein-Kesä'- Terveisin Eko


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