Tuesday, May 22, 2012

7/365 rain

Today's free write is about Rain.  It is getting harder for us to think of subjects to write about, so if you have any ideas please pass them on.  Soon we will start doing writes without any particular theme, I think.  To visit my cohorts writings, please visit her at the space between colors.

The rain comes down in buckets today, feeding the trees and birds to a much needed drink.
In Lapland the rain would come down so often, and the smell of that small wooden cabin
would grow richer, the logs emitting their fragrance.
I love it when it thunderstorms.  Sometimes I'll pound my cottonwood drum.
Bang bang--the sound of the Earth in the key of D.
I like to dance in the rain on a summer's day, feeling it on my face and body.
The sweet coolness enveloping me.  Those storms are the best part of summer,
flashing through the sky.
Once I remember kissing someone in the rain, getting drenched to the bone,
then going inside to make love, our bodies sliding against each other.
Camping out, the rain puddles 'round the tent, and the dampness creeps deep into the bones,
until the sun dries everything out again.



  1. Want to know why I love the rain, it's the only way my lawn gets watered. Yes i know it's cheap of us to not water grass that has no food value to us humans...but then water is precious and what we conserve we use for food irrigation in the middle of the city.

    Idea for free write: My favorite topic LOVE of politics heh heh heh {;-[o}--

  2. Sure need some rain down this way.
    Subjects to write about... any subjects? I'll throw out a few to you...
    fragrance or scent, handwritten letters, paper lanterns, glass, collage, boxes, mirrors, lavender, potpourri, peacocks, wind, acorns, comets, blame, saints, cinnamon....I can think of more if you need them. Hope this helps.

  3. Politics, Mark? I think I'll leave that one alone, thanks.

    Yvonee, thanks for all the subjects, I'll put them on our list!

  4. lovely writing, wonderful memories if they are real.


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