Saturday, May 19, 2012


Did another free-write.  This time the subject was Buildings.  It's strange what comes into your head when you do these stream of consciousness things.    I have no photograph suitable for what I've written, so hopefully you can just picture it.  Anyway... here it is.

Abandoned buildings echo the cries of the insane,
Long forgotten asylums of a day gone by.

I see only the hollow windows of those forgotten buildings,
with no one to peer out at the view.

There were no warm seats in those asylums,
only cold metal, now strewn in piles of dust
along with sinks and gurnies.


And though unrelated, here are my pictures for Buildings.


  1. Being surrounded by 90,000 (seriously) vacant and abandoned buildings each word struck the hammer blow directly on the nails head.

    This is a friend of mine's blog...Here look through his archived photos and you will see the life of your words.

    1. Thank you, Mark, I will go look right now.


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