Thursday, May 17, 2012


Me and Evie did another free-write today.  This time the subject was Flowers.  We only worked a couple of minutes.  See Ev's free-write at the space between colors.


There are flowers on my computer tower, now dead from too many days.
A flower holds water so pretty, the rain falls, nourishing stoma and stem.
The gift of flowers is a special sharing.
It can be a gift to yourself also.
In Finland I traversed the land for wildflowers, and came home with arms
full of fire weed and buttercups and blue bells,
ready for the planter that hung on the porch, or the glass vase
on the table out there.
My friend paints flowers on silk, so beautiful; luscious colors,
dripping dyes.


  1. You do have a way with word even for a few minutes. Wow! I like it! Love your photos today! For some reason I cannot comment on your blog when I use my iPad.

  2. I hold the wilted flowers long alive in simply remembering the colors of them. I think that is the one way I get through the ever present winter of the world.


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