Thursday, May 24, 2012

8/365 bottles

A 15 minute free-write on Bottles.

Glamorous perfume bottles, swirling curves of glass
surrounding fragrant notes of jasmine and sandlewood,
honeysuckle and lime.
A dab behind each ear, and another on the pulse points--
your neck, your wrists.

Hands holding up glasses in a toast; a bottle of red between
two lovers.

"Bottles of Hope"-- made by so many women for other women
with cancer or some life devastating disease--for women in need of hope.

The proverbial message in a bottle--and the feeling that one is always
secretly awaiting that message.
The romance of a bottle bobbing along in the ocean,
just waiting for you.  What magic.

Bottle-nose dolphins.
Baby bottles.

Bottleneck on the highway. 
How man times have I driven down that road?
Ah, but I have traveled roads with just a bottle of water at my side,
the radio blasting, my hair flying past the car window.

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