Wednesday, July 13, 2016

be it ever so humble

There's no place like home.

Was finally discharged from the hospital tonight after thirteen long and trying days.

This certainly was an unexpected turn of events in my life.  Makes one reflect upon the impermanence of it all, and how things can change so suddenly, on a dime.

Having stage 4 metastatic breast cancer is no joke.  One's life is now so consumed by constant treatment of the disease, and even treatments of the treatments, if you can fathom that.  Test this, test that, monitor this, monitor that.  Deal with the pain.  Deal with not being at all what you once were.

Things are simply different.... I'm different, and I perceive a different world/reality. 

It is a very lonesome reality.  No matter what support you may have, this is essentially a very private journey.


  1. May the being within you keep you Barb. You are correct, I watched my mom go through multiple treatments and no matter how engaged my sister or I became, she still was the only one inside her head. Be Well.

  2. Although I never had to go as far down the road as you have in the cancer journey, I do have a sense of the fear and frustration of being pulled into that medical vortex. And yes, it is a very private journey but know that there are people out there sending prayers and healing energy.

  3. barbara, i wish i had the ability to change this path for you. i would if i could, you know. i think you are very brave and i appreciate how you share your life here more than you know. i wish you ease; at least that.

  4. I´m sorry to hear that. :( Life is a struggle.

  5. hi Barb, I read reports everyday in my line of work about cancer and its heartbreaking ... it knows no age, race; the tests, hospitalizations, the treatment, which at times causes such ill side effects. I am so sorry you've had to bear this, and while I don't know this journey personally, thank you for sharing and be well at least for the minute, the hour, your inner strength is amazing.

  6. Hi Barbara, I hope you are doing OK with the heat, and everything - what a summer. Thinking of you and sending love, Mim

  7. I respect to your dignity.
    Take care.



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