Tuesday, July 21, 2009

total solar eclipse

Tonight is the new moon, and one minute after (10:24EST) there is a total solar eclipse (seen throughout Asia). I do wonder what effect such an event has on individuals.
This is a stream of consciousness piece:

I'm waiting for the rain to come, and the clouds are dense. The nearly dark moon shoves itself against me, rattling my brain, and turning me like the sun, all yang and irritation, wanting to growl and scratch and at least break something.
It's a breaking out I need. Is it a moon thing, this feeling where I must undress my skin, go invisible, like the moon, my veins and arteries cool camouflage for tiger lilies and tuber roots
So much of me mud, and the ingredients for houses built with good thick logs. I need to break ... it's not how it sounds, but it screams the same, it rips and roars... But it climbs as well, sometimes, it soars.


  1. It's worth waiting! Hope you have fun with it Barbara!

  2. So Barbara are you saying you're a "moonie nudie?"

  3. Depends on the phase, walking man. ;)

  4. The dark moon does the same to me. Get all my energy, especially sexual, off of the waxing moon. But me thinks what's ailing you is cabin fever.
    Thanks for stopping by my party, but you've still got some dancing to do.

  5. You're right about that cabin fever, Mr C!

  6. going skyclad is so liberating :)


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