Friday, June 29, 2012

a plea for suggestions

Evie and I have been doing the freewrites for about a month and a half now.  We have about 20 topics left to choose from, and need hundreds more, really, if we're going to get through a year of doing this.  Please, if you can, suggest some topics for us (please not politics!, walking man, hehehe).  We were going for one word nouns all along, but that's not a hard and fast rule.
We'd really appreciate your input, so we can put the topics on our list.


  1. Are you blogging every day for 365 days straight? That's cool.

    Ummm here goes: lobsters, apologies, dreams, fireflies, Rumplestiltskin, book covers, notecards, sunset, wooden floors, loom, rest, exhaustion, hope, awe.

  2. Oh, Susan, thanks for so many suggestions...each one will go on our list.

    Yes, 365 days of freewrites for blogging.

  3. I've got some for ya if you don't have them already:
    Candles, incense, herbal tea, waves or ocean, sand, vampires, Halloween, guilt or remorse, dog, cat, young love, memories.....
    Hope this helps and wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog a while back. I've been out of commision but I'm finally getting back to things :)

  4. Lips, tears, quote, button, wreath, pottery, smile, lighthouse, box, pen,
    pen-pal, railroad,quail, bread, crystal, lace, museum, berry, knob, flapper, gourd, braids,stick, pole, leather, dove, fringe,boots, tooth, chair, pier, fish, calculator, hammer, chickadee, pouch, haircut, trash, garbage, basket, plastic, switch, chrome, sign, curtain, window, closet, frame, chain, page, edge, gas, newsletter, toy, oil, stamp, hat, scarf, laundry, spiral, labyrinth, grass, shaman, dragonfly, skeleton, cross, candle, chopstick, pencil, watercolor, doll, fame.........

  5. Thank you both for so many suggestions, that's great!

  6. AnonymousJuly 09, 2012

    How about those bits and pieces of earliest childhood memories? And how old you think you were at the time. Other topics....procrastination, favorite tv shows as a child, cars, deja vu, things you've yet to try, ghosts\spirits, shopping



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