Saturday, June 23, 2012

37/365 mountains

Sitting in the cradle of the Catskill mountains, with my sister and Melissa, watching the stars turn in the sky.
There is something so comforting about being surrounded by mountains, or ascending them.
When me and Jim walked through Cuyamaca it was quiet, and hot, and then by a wonderful waterfall I heard the spirits in those mountains, and wish that I could hear those voices again someday.
In Lapland there were no mountains... just high rolling hills of evergreens.  Nice, in its way, but I couldn't help compare it to New York State and its beautiful mountain ranges.  The Adirondacks.
In Durango, Colorado, the mountains loomed large above the town.  Almost too big to comprehend.  While we did laundry, there was this grand mountain right outside, making even this chore a wonderful thing.
I knew Jim the first time on the mountain of Jamul.  A true man of the mountain, I understood his calling.

at Bear Mountain

Jim in Cuyamaca

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