Wednesday, June 20, 2012

34/365 beatles

I remember that evening in February 1964, with my parents and my sister, at JFK airport, awaiting the arrival of the Beatles.  I got bored and hungry during the incessant waiting, and ended up eating a hot open turkey sandwich at a counter, while throngs of teens and pre-teens converged over the railing to see them.  I never did; couldn't see over all the people anyway, but I was there.  I was 10 years old.
The Beatles were a staple in my home from that point on.  I loved them, my sister loved them, and my parents loved them, too.
I had boxes filled with Beatles bubblegum cards, and my sister always bought the albums and magazines they were in.
I had big round buttons that I wore all over my jacket.  I love John, I love Ringo, I love the Beatles.
Their music just took you to a good place -- it's hard to be upset when you're listening to them.
The few short years they were around changed the music world.  They changed many lives, influencing them greatly.

I think of John's song, when he sings "I don't believe in Beatles -- I just believe in me -- Yoko and me; and that's reality."  And that was cool., too.

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  1. The greatest band ever. I saw them at the bull ring in Barcelona back in '65. You couldn't hear a single note for all of the girls screaming. Just a few short months before that I saw them in Hamburg at a club backing up a pop singer named Tony Sheridan. They called themselves the Beat Brothers. No one, not even them, had any idea what a few months would bring.


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