Thursday, June 14, 2012

28/365 dolls and toys

It is a long stretch of mind that takes me back.  I had a beautiful baby doll that came in a Christening outfit.
I remember playing Shoots & Ladders, and CandyLand, molding play-doh into animal shapes, using real potatoes for Mr. Potato Head.
Silly Putty in its own case - a plastic egg.  Picking up the impression from the comics section in the Sunday Daily News.
I played with Barbie dolls, along with her friends, Midge and Tressy.  Tressy had a button in her belly that you'd push to lengthn or shorten her hair.  Midge had freckles and somewhat kinky hair.  And Barbie was, of course, Barbie -- impossibly proportioned, and scorned for such in this day and age.  I never looked at her as being an idol type--she was just Barbie.  Always had a Ken doll, too -- he had the worst peach fuzz hair.
Colorforms, and their shinyness -- wonderful color and shapes on a black background.  Hours of fun.
I had a whole family of dolls called the Little Kiddles.  They were mini dolls, with the baby of the family being among the cutest of them all.  Barely the size of a child's thumb.
Monopoly was a great game to play if you could get someone to play with you -- It is a long game unless maybe you hae a few players.  I think I still have a monopoly game put away in the closet.
I watch Logan playing with his toys today -- his Mr Potato Head comes with a plastic potato.  Cleaner, no doubt, but it takes away a certain something.

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  1. Plastic Mr. Potato heads are evil barb, ever try to fry one up when your kid is done with it? Shoot even I wouldn't eat it.


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