Tuesday, November 13, 2012

183/365 I wish...

Above all, and beyond any other wish, I wish my mother could walk again.  I wish my father was still around to talk to.  I wish for things that cannot be.
Dan Hill said "If wishes had wings, I'd be flying."
I wish for my family and friends to have good health in body mind, and spirit.
I wish my cats would get along.
I wish good things to come true, and that I am worthy of them.
Sometimes wishes are something we can make come true ourselves.
I wish we could think of more topics for this 365 project.


  1. we share many of the same wishes, my friend. & 2 of our 6 cats are fighting as a write to you this evening ;-)

  2. Best of luck with your wishes, Barbara!
    I often's the wishes
    that manifest themselves -
    that freely come to us -
    perhaps, they are

    the most important ones.


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