Sunday, November 4, 2012

174/365 shoe boxes

When I was a kid, we would turn over the bottom of the shoe box and cut out 3 mouse holes, one smaller than the other, and then try shooting marbles into the holes.  It was a very enjoyable game.  You got 25 points if you got it in the smallest hole.
My mother wasn't big on keeping shoes boxes, except maybe for a storage use for other stuff.  I am not one to keep shoe boxes, either. Except if they're fancy shoes, and I don't have much of that.
Shoe boxes are great for storing old photographs in.


  1. Often the games we invent as kids are great fun. Never heard of the shoebox game before. WIll have to remember it.
    Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog with the pink cement truck. Those cement workers know what's important.

  2. Hello Barbara,

    what for warm and fine remindings on the childhood and the games were great :) And you have right shoe boxes are great for storing things, like photographs...

    Warm regards Senna


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