Saturday, November 3, 2012

173/365 traveling

I remember traveling cross country on a bus with my sister and niece, who was five at the time.  Some of our best times were when the bus driver would take a break for an hour.  Chicago reminded me of New York, the little I saw of it.  We stayed in Santa Fe, NM, and in Durango, CO.  Never made it to the west coast, although that was my original plan.
I feel good when traveling, like I have my world in my hands, and I like it.
The farthest I've ever traveled was to Lapland, Finland, nearly 5,000 miles away.  Over the pond, and then some.  Too far from home for comfort, at the time.
I'd love to travel some more -- even just to the country to see the leaves turning.  Its been so long.

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  1. travel touches our heart, spirit and more in a way that only it can ~


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