Thursday, November 8, 2012

178/365 coney island revisited

(oct 8, 2012 - written and photographed before Hurricaine Sandy)

A chilly and damp day.  The clouds hide the sun.  My friend and I wait outside for a car to take us to Coney Island.  We drive under the el, and soon arrive at our destination --- right by Nathan's Famous Original Frankfurters. 

Took a walk a few blocks over and eyed the cyclone for a while through the camera lens.  The grey look of the photographs reveal the day, if nothing else.

We sat on the boardwalk a while beofre walking down to the water.  I took my shoes off and let the water cover my toes.  Its been such a long time and it felt so good.

Then we made our way towards the Wonder Wheel, snapping pictures, and me trying to convince Evie that it was a good idea to go on it.  She was apprehensive, but went along.  She'd never been on it before.  I have, but not in 35 or 40 years.  We chose one of the stationary cars, not the swinging ones.  That thing sure went high and it stops when you reach the top, making it seem like the cage is just suspended in midair.  And it doesn't stop a one turn around, but does it again.  I tried to get a couple of shots through the gate, don't know how well I did.



pics of me taken by Evie Tirado

We ended our coney trip at Nathan's, having gone full circle.  Had a frank and Nathan's fabulous french fries, and an orange drink.  Then a trip to the sweets store to get a cashew covered caramel and marshmallow.

(Photos taken in October, before Hurricane Sandy hit... not sure if everything still looks like that afterwards. especially that merry go round and children's rides section right off the beach.  Heard the Cyclone was damaged as well.)

*A free-write is a type of automatic writing, where you just go with your stream of consciousness non-stop. There's no thought to spelling or grammar, and no editing of words. Supposedly this opens the mind up to greater creativity. They can be 5, 10 or 20 minutes long. Suggestions for freewrites are always welcome. Visit Evie, with whom I freewrite, at the space between colors.


  1. That first shot is just 3 blocks from my house. Nathan's has the best fries, don't they. An odd aftertaste but they're the best. Hope you had a good time.

    1. Hope you were okay during the storm, Linda!

    2. Well, the family are all safe and sound and that's the most important part, right? But remember I said we had a fire at home last December? We were just days from moving back in and the hurricane flooded the basement, chest high in muck and water. Not sure when the damage from that'll be fixed and the new moving home date is. Lost power up where I'm staying at my older daughters. How did you do during the storm? I know your apartment is higher up but did you lose power?
      PS I enjoyed the pictures of your visit to Coney Island. You still look the same. If I ran into you on the street, I'd recognise you right away. I hope your sister,mom,niece and great nephew were ok during the storm.

    3. Wow, sorry to hear you were flooded, but thank God everyone is ok. Things were ok here, no power outages or anything. I spent a couple of the days at my mom's because her aide couldn't get in because of the transit being cancelled.

  2. lol, you are brave! I would never go up in one of those. :)

  3. Wow! Love the visit along with you and your camera lens! Never heard of sweet you described, sounds yummy!


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