Tuesday, November 6, 2012

176/365 houses

Some friends I used to now, Sue and Sam, owned a great big house on over 200 acres of land, with a pond, and a sauna house built up by the pond.  It was magnificent.  Every year they would have an all weekend Solstice party at the beginning of summer.  Many people sleeping in their house or on the land.  That's how I would love to live if I had my druthers.
I don't consider my apartment to be my house, although I'm sure I've said "come to my house" a time or two.  But a house is different than living in an apartment building.
I would not like all the caretaking involved in having a house, though.  Wouldn't know where to start with that.
I've always loved the idea of building a log cabin.  A fragrant little home to live in.

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