Saturday, June 4, 2011

sunrise for a change

I went to the roof this morning, unable to sleep, to catch the sunrise for a change. I am always shooting sunsets, since I have a West facing window, so I thought I'd do something a little different. But sunrise or sunset, they look quite similar, except for the puffy pink clouds which seem distinctive of sunrises.

Just as the sun was rising, my camera seemed to go on the fritz, and wouldn't change its f-stop or speed. The battery was low, so I figured that was the problem. When I got downstairs, I realized I had accidently moved the knob to one of the automatic settings, instead of my usual manual setting. A stupid mistake that I should have noticed right away. Oh, well, missed the full sunrise; maybe some other time.

Here is some very early morning light.

Hmmm, when I try to go to my dashboard, to add this new post, I get an error message... again... I have been trying to get there on and off throught-out the night/morning, and have been having trouble. Same goes for getting to my blog. Definitely a blogger issue that I hope they straighten out soon.

Afterall... I want to post my sunrise pictures in the morning!


  1. Love the photos Barb! I'll especially be enjoying your sunsets as my new apartment faces due east and I'll probably miss the most dramatic ones! Bright blessings!

  2. Beautiful photos Barbara, but maybe you are only supposed to take sunset shots!!
    Have a magical day.
    Blogger has been acting crazy for days.
    I hope you sleep better tonight.

  3. too bad you had problems, wonderful photos that you have shared.

  4. Hi fellow Brooklynite...beautiful photos. Blogger must have been on the fritz this morning because I could not post either....just got home and finally got my post least its not us..gotta love computers....have a great day and some more beautiful pictures please...

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