Wednesday, June 1, 2011

welcome june and sapphire

I can't believe it's June already. Time goes faster every year.

It feels like August, though. Temps were in the 90's today, with heat indices near 100°.

The bedroom a.c. decided to die last night, which made for little sleep. But then, this afternoon, it seemed to be working again. I have the living room one on now, with a fan, too, and I'm pretty comfortable in here. Past 9pm now, still 85°, feels like 89°. I am not a happy camper.

My friend, evie, adopted another cat from the animal rescue. This little girl is a beauty, and so sweet. Only 4lbs right now, but they say the female Balinese averages 5-6 lbs., and is the most petite of all breeds. She is a Seal-Point Balinese. Welcome, to Sapphire Skye!

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  1. So sorry about the AC. It was almost 100 here yesterday--I sure hope mine holds out!

    Lovely cat. Beautiful markings!

  2. Aw ~ so sweet ~ she is a lucky girl ~ hope you are 'cooler' today ^_^

  3. Tee hee! What a sassy face she has. :)

  4. Sapphire has that dreamy staring into middle distance look about her. Wonder what she's thinking or perhaps thanking her lucky stars to have been rescued by your friend. Hope your AC behaves and lets you sleep through the heat.

  5. She's a gorgeous one and quite petite you say? I have a female ginger cat who weighs in at 6 and she's still looking a little like a kitten at 7 years old, so I'm predicting Sapphire won't grow to look much older over the coming years either.


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