Friday, May 1, 2009

welcome May

Happy May Day!

The day starts wet, with a thick fog. An English morning, as I'd imagine it. And one that is so Spring, too. Birds welcome the dawn.
This is my birthday month, and I will be 55 next wednesday. Sometimes I wonder how this happened, so seemingly suddenly an elder at last. I am wholey my own now. No basketfull of eggs within me; just the essence of my life and lifetimes.


  1. I would never give back (nor relive) my youth, but this truly is the free time for women like us. Happy May Day to you, too!

  2. Love your painting & Happy Birthday early ~ You are a wonderful spirit ~

    Hugs and namaste,

  3. I love your mixed media painting. I've got to do something like that with some dried flowers. It's just lovely! So, the fifties isn't so bad. I've been there for awhile and I've found my pinnacle of creative freedom. I'm way more relaxed about my art and I don't worry so much if people like it anymore. I create to please my heart, and it will connect with the "right" person at the "right" time.

  4. Happy Birthday to you in advance Barbara. It's so meaningful to celebrate birthday.
    Adding one more year in age makes one wiser, it's worth mentioning about it, 55 is a cool number. This mean you have walked through so much up & down to be here today.
    Continue to celebrate your everyday's life for everyday is a birthday.....and the actual birthday is the indication of extra celebration with friends and family.
    I love to be part of of family.
    Happy birthday and the painting is way too beautiful.
    I have joy looking through it over and over.
    Thanks Barbara!

    I hope you will share with us your birthday photos later.....


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