Sunday, May 3, 2009

sunday morning ramble

The sky is a blank slate this morning, waiting for a plane, or a bird, or a stray balloon to fancy it up some.
There's a fog that hangs over the harbor, though it makes its way nearly clear by the time it travels up my way. Nevertheless, you would think the neighborhood stopped a few blocks away, and beyond that was the great (foggy-) divide.. between us and the other side.
The newly green trees stand out in their color, and I wish I had a camera (digital), or at least some film for the old Nikon. This would be a picture in shades of white, with a Spring-full reveal of green.
I think I'll be able to get myself a simple digital by month's end. Seems I have all but abandoned my NikonFM2, but that's just because film and developing (prints & cd) can be so expensive, and the camera itself, with its long lens, is so heavy that it gives me pause to thing of lugging it around even when there is film in it. But I do miss shooting in Tri-X film, and doing the developing and printing on my own, like I did in a class back in 1990. After doing that, getting film developing as these "instant" printer places has just lost its appeal almost completely. The inability to dodge and burn, with your own tools, is completely replaced by some machine that thinks it knows what my pictures should look like.
In truth, I felt like a die-hard film photographer, but these lightweight little digitals, with their ability to take so many pics at once, and the fun of editing in a program... well, I must have one! And until I can get a good digital SLR, I will get something that I can afford soon. I have picked out a very reasonable Canon Poweshot 10MP camera. It seems well worth its price, and I can't wait until I have it in my hands (and eyes).

But anyway... today is a monochromatic day, 'cept for the splash of green.

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  1. I do hope you will be able to get your camera by the intended date, as shooting the beautiful springs images with Canon Poweshot 10mp are certainly a big added bonus:)

    You have a cool wishlist and I am happy you work on it and making it happens!

    All the best and may all things work in order as planned.

    One more round.....
    All the best and may all things work in order as planned.
    So, it's an ehco and it will sure get back to you Barbara.


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