Thursday, April 30, 2009

a lapland kind of day

It is only when the night comes that this day will stop being like Rovaniemi. Otherwise it's much like a Lapland day, late in May, with a changing and nearly never-darkening sky, and the feel of rain lingering on the air.

Much of my time there was spent sitting on the back terrace, reading the sky. It was a most delightful spot. I contemplated the soul connection between two people, and learned how important it is to relate on a soul level, and understand where someone is coming from in their own soul. But I understood this too late in my time spent there, and was unable to maintain a union with the man I went to be with.
I remember being on that terrace.. with him or without... but always with the faithful dogs, who understood me on a soul level; of this I am sure. My little saviours, two male Chinese Cresteds, who led me into the woods, where I dreamed, and often wandered without dreaming... just being... me and the wood and the dogs.
It was a fine moment in time.

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  1. Really one fine moment with one cool green nature connection.
    Love the woods and cute doggies.....


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