Friday, May 8, 2009

lé blog

My attention span is short. I realize this (again) when I am reading another person's blog. Some entries seem to go on forever, and they don't always take me along with them. We are all guilty of this, sooner or later, I would think. But I like blog entries that keep me hungry for a little bit more... The eloquent discriptions of people or place, the photographs of works in progress and works completed... The simple passings of the day.
My attention to my own writings is quite evident to me. Words and passages seem constricted, and often unable to flow. This happens. Sometimes there's lots of crap to get out before I really get into it. Sometimes I just don't.


I remember reading, some time ago, about the quandary of whether or not to make comments on one's blog, in response to a reader's comments. I'm not sure what is the right ettiquette here. I go through phases of responding to comments, and/or visiting the person on their blog, and commenting there. Do people return to see if I commented on their comment? Do you? I do sometimes, myself.

I look at the statistics for my blog, and delight in seeing people visit from all over the globe. Sometimes I recognize the place, and have a good idea of just who may be visiting from there. Most times, it is a bunch of people from places unknown to me. Sometimes people find my blog through a link from someone else's blog, or from a link I leave after my name in online group emails. Sometimes people are doing a Google search for certain words, and they choose to check it. It's fun to see where people come from, and sometimes you get repeated visits from some unknown person.... like a visitor I have from Mountain View, California. This person has, every now and then, checked out my blog since I first started it. I always wonder about that person in Mountain View.

It amazes me how people live their everyday lives, and then manage to blog and create so many wonderful things. I wonder if one certain blogger that I frequent ever goes to sleep? How do people maintain more than one blog.... and not just 2, but 3, 4; even 7! Some people need mansions for their words/pictures, I suppose. For now, at least, I am satisfied with my one room, my one simple blog.


  1. Hey there! I have often wondered about responding, too. While I don't want to start a chat on my blog, I don't want to seem rude by not responding. You know I appreciate your input, I hope!

  2. One thing I've seen some people do is to take excerpts from reader comments and address them in the next post made. I sort of like that, and think it works quite well for everyone. Some blogs I read have 300+ comments to each post and I, as a reader, am not going to sift through all of them to read the few gems in there. I trust the author to pick out the good stuff and share it. :) I'm a lazy blogger!

  3. Thanks for sharing, I have the same thoughts as yours Barbara.
    I am amazed how blogging can bring us closer and make new friends everyday.
    I am most encourage to see the comments people leaves are so uplifting and inspiring.
    I am thankful I am not a stranger to blogging.....for I have fallen in love with it just like fallen in love with coming back to my friend's and my blog.

    Everyday is my happy day:)

    Happy Mother's Day to you Barbara:)


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