Sunday, May 31, 2009

my interview by Melissa Haren, of Ardea's Nest

Melissa Haren has told me to get ready for my close-up! Haha. Thank you, Melissa! Here are the questions she asked, and my answers. You, too, can be interviewed, and I would love to do it... Just follow the instructions at the end of the interview.

1. I LOVE your photos, but I have wondered, how does a "city girl" get such great nature shots?

If I'm out in the country, I try to get shots of nature, but here in the city, it is the sunset that brings me close to nature. I live on the 6th floor... mostly there are private houses in the area, or apartment buildings that are only 4-stories high, so I have a good view over everything. I'm a few blocks up from the New York Harbor/East River, and I get a view of the sunset right from my living room window.

2. I know you like photography, and creating dreamboards, and I know you are in an art doll group. Tell us about the crafts you like to do and which is your favorite.

Writing is my first love, and what I've been doing since I was an adolescent. I had some stuff published in small press magazines (poetry, short stories) when I was in my twenties, but I never kept up with submitting my writing for publication. Who knows, I may try again soon. I'm an avid journal writer, and often get my poetry from stuff that starts in the journal. I have a novel that I started some 25 years ago, and it is still at its beginning stages, but I work on it every now and again! Maybe someday I'll finish it.

I love photography, but I am an old school photographer, versed in film and f-stops... so this digital stuff is all pretty new to me, but I hope to fall in love with it, too.

I have been using polymer clay (for sculpture and decorative items/jewelry) for 9 years now, but it is only in the past couple of years that I've starting to get into a rhythm of making things. My art dolls usually have some element of polymer clay in them. I like to use natural objects (not easily found in the city!) for art dolls, also, and am starting to get into the whole mixed media genre. What I admire, and really wish I could learn, is costuming for a doll.

3. I remember you said that Morrison, your cat, was part feral. Tell us more about how he came to own you.

Morrison was a cat that lived behind the apartment that my mom lives in. He was a stray; some say for a couple of years. He was found one day in the air conditioner vents of the building, and more than half his tail was cut off, so he may have had some terrible accident in there. My mother would go back there and feed him every day, and he would even run up to her.... he didn't do this with anybody else in the building. The superintendent of the building claimed that he was going to call Animal Control to get rid of him, and it really upset my mom. Soooo, I agreed to take him. We used a humane trap, and managed to get him to my place. He tore through 2 window screens and sat on the ledge 6 stories up the first night he was here. He has now gotten to the point where I can pet and brush him (as long as he's in his favorite spot on the rug), and he doesn't try to escape any more. He's a good cat.

4. In your Blogger profile you didn't list any likes. What are you favorite movies, books, music?

Movies: Some that come right to mind are A Beautiful Mind, Slingblade, The Postman Always Rings Twice (with John Garfield), Resurrection (with Ellen Burstyn)

Books: The Secret Life of Bees, She's Come Undone, This Much I Know is True, Stones from the River, Castaneda's books, the writings of Thomas Merton, the monk

Music: Beatles, Neil Young, Jennifer Warnes, Keith Jarrett, Tom Waits, Andreas Boccelli

5. And one fun one - If you awoke tomorrow and you weren't you, who or what would you be and why?

I would be a crow, who flies high, and is close to the Great Spirit.


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  1. Thank you very much for playing, Barbara! My mind can rest at ease tonight (wink). I love that you have such a beautiful view even in the city, better than mine in the suburbs when it comes to the sunset, and I love that you have such a beautiful heart to rescue Morrison. Of course he is a good cat, he just needs love like we all do!

  2. Wow! I know you better now sister Barbara through this interview and also your beautiful and cheerful picture here.

    There are some common interests in us.
    We all love art, photogarphy and writing.
    You are so creative, you are into so many creative explorations and involvements...
    There are so much that I can learn from you and from your blog....not forgetting your cutie Morrison and little guy.
    Thank you Barbara.

  3. Great interview..Lucky you for living in Brooklyn New York! I miss NY so very much :)


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