Sunday, May 31, 2009

whatever gets you through the night

In the dark of morning I wake again. I don't mind it much. I slept a few hours, and it's still what I consider late night, not early morning. Like it matters.
I need to do housekeeping, but that's not something you start doing at two in the morning.... of course, you could... but I'm not!

I go to my Blogger dashboard to check for updated blogs... always good to read what people are up to, and often, what they are making/photographing/drawing, etc.,.
It's funny how you end up moving into a community of bloggers, recognizing "followers" in many different places.
"My" community consists of lots of creative people; art-makers, craftspeople, photographers, writers. It's quite a bunch of creativity!

Dear Yoon See dedicated a post to me yesterday because I had recently reached my 100th post mark. A creative soul, with a heart as big as the sky. She expresses herself in a way that embodies life and great joy. How fine to be able to communicate with someone like this who is so far away (she is from Malaysia!)

Seems there is always someone awake somewhere.... someone writing, someone reading. I like it.


  1. I am fully aware and know your frustration especially wake up at early morning because I have gone through. Fortunately, I have overcome through reading Scripture and not only this issue subside, but also other issues. Thank God and will put you in my prayer that He give you His grace so as to assist you to overcome your insomnia.

    Grace and peace to you,

  2. It is a wide and wonderful world out there, isn't it? I slept like a rock last night, but all too often I've sat here in the wee hours. I find this community a comfort and a joy to be a part of.

  3. Sorry to hear the problem you are facing Barbara.
    I hope as time gone by, your situation will improve and the problem will be totally varnished.

    Praying is one but is this the monopause period that most women are facing at their 50. I heard from my friend's mum, she had the same situation few years back but now she is OK.

    Hopefully this period will be a temporal.

    You are welcome Barbara.
    I hope to do somethings for you my dear friends, to me 100th post is something great and remarkable, reason to celebrate....then there will be 200th, 300th post to come!
    Keep it up Barbara:)


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