Tuesday, May 19, 2009

vision board

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I started making a vision board a while back. I am not a subscriber to any magazines, nor do I buy many, so it's hard to get a lot of good collage pictures.. so I'm using some real pictures, and some I printed out (but I ran out of black ink).

Anyway... a vision board is similar to a full moon dream board, except that you choose a time limit (in this case I chose a year) in which to fulfill your vision.

Here are some of the things on my Vision Board....

I started by doing the I Ching, in order to get an overall feel for the ensuing year
In this case, I got hexagram 59 (Reuniting/dispersion), with a 2nd line moving to hexagram 20 (Contemplating). The I Ching says about Reuniting:

"It is time to break up that which divides, for isolation brings discord and blocks creative energy. You must devote yourself to a cause or take of some real significance in the world, or perhaps participate in an event that brings together the members of the community....
Look for the symbols, rhythms, and patterns that have inspired people for all times, and incorporate them into your work. Make a sincere attempt to meet the social responsibility of the artist: REUNITING people with their reality."

I won't get into the rest of the reading, but that part seemed pretty significant.

There's a picture of a doll I made, signifying that I want to continue making dolls... She happens to be a Prosperity Doll. There's another doll picture from an online class in sculpting a Frida Kahlo doll... that's a class I'd like to take. There are picture of family and friends and animals because I want them to be part of my life throughout the year. There are the camera's (two of them... the big Nikon. and a small Canon to the bottom left of it.) I have already gotten the smaller camera, so part of my vision has unfolded, and I look forward to reconnecting with photography. Other pics show me writing, and doing Tai Chi... more stuff to reconnect with. There's a picture taken on the road, and one of a plane wing, showing that I want to travel. Scattered all over the board are words such as: Love, prosperity, family and friends, happy holidays, healthy living, safe travel. There is one quote by Dr. Phil: "If you need a miracle, Be a miracle."

There are other things that need to go into the vision board. I want to start teaching classes with my friend, evie... some type of crafts; pressed flower arrangements, or some such. We're going to make a proposal to a local Mental Health clinic to see if we can use their community space to run this. It would be a way of working with the community, and furthering the idea of Reuniting. I'm not sure how I will get it on the board...maybe just with written words.

But that's my vision board. You may want to make one, too, spanning over a year or two or even less or more. It's gets you to thinking about what you want to keep in your life, and what you want to attain.


  1. A great way to keep our mind focus to what we want! Great work! And may your vision come ture within the year. :)

  2. "If you need a miracle, Be a miracle."
    Thanks for having the faith and courage to start a miracle dear friend.
    Barbara, you are a gem }miracle" to me.

    I will you are able to tap in to attain sound success thru your vision board:)
    It's a positive take and all your goals and wishes will be fulfilled if you follow the path as planned.
    God will direct us as times to come when it's necessary:)


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