Saturday, May 9, 2009

dream of the salmon maiden

I am working on a Salmon Maiden art-doll. (The idea of the Salmon Maiden comes from the music of Ruth MacKenzie - "Kalevala: Dream of the Salmon Maiden")

So far I finished her head (pics soon)... she looks regal to me, with salmon colored confetti trim for her hair, and her high cheekbones (but of course, all the faces I sculpt have high cheekbones). I've put some beadwork aound her neck, taken from a fancy pair of flip flop shoes that I never wore, but always knew I'd employ in some way.
Her body, now, is a different story.. it isn't a body, per se, but a box that will be filled with ocean type articles. So far I've got a couple of starfish in there. I need shells, and maybe a treasure chest. I am wondering how to embellish this box/body (a long rectangle) some more. The outside of it seems to need something... a lovely drape of material, if I had any. When I have pics of the doll-in-progress I'll post them, so maybe some of you mixed media folk out there (you know who you are) can help me out with some ideas.

I ordered my digital camera today! It's a simple one, but 10MP, so that's pretty nice. I can't wait to get it. No more relying on anyone else for photos, and no taking a walk and just wishing I could take a picture of something I see. This is one of the things I put on my vision board (this camera, and a DSLR, too). What do the Wiccan's say? So mote it be? So it is. .. and ain't it so, say I!


  1. I can't wait to see her! Do hurry!!!!!

  2. Do you need shells? Or will you create them from clay? I can't wait to see her.

  3. I think my friend has a bunch of shells, leek. Hopefully that will do it. Thanks!

  4. I'm looking forward to the Salmon Maiden ... she's already sounded wondrous! :)


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